This sexy police officer left us in debt with «that» (Photos)

We discover what this policeman does to make his «tool» look as impressive as he is and the truth is that after analyzing some of his photos we are going to reveal the secret to you, but not without first enjoying his appearance.

Miguel Pimentel He’s a sexy New York police officer, but despite this, his tool apparently isn’t as imposing as thought, because although his sculptural muscles are undeniable, we discover his tricks to make believe that he also has a huge crotch.

The officer constantly posts provocative photos on his account. Instagramin which the majority appears showing his comforting pectorals, abdomen of steel, legs of rock but also his unfortunate virility.

Aware of this, Pimentel chose to ‘roll up’ her underwear to create a visual effect in which he seems to have heart attack attributes or play with shadows and lights to create in his followers the most perverse fantasies.

? or? ?

A photo posted by Miguel Pimentel Official IG ™ (@officialpimentel) on Dec 6, 2016 at 2:21 PST

The truth is that in other images, its charms go unnoticed. However, the sexiest cop in New York is willing to defend his title at any cost.

Such a quantity of dynamite, for so little fuse!

Taken from TV Notes