This is what the famous Pilarica from «Los Reyes» looks like now

More than 14 years ago, the RCN channel launched the soap opera “Los Reyes” and one of the actresses who attracted the most attention was the beloved Pilarica.

Margarita Muñoz was in charge of giving life to the young woman, who initially had an affair with Santi Iriarte, played by Daniel Arenas. However, in the middle of the plot Pilarica was involved with Leo Reyes (Julián Román) who finally stole her heart.

Now after 14 years, the soap opera is going to be broadcast again on Canal RCN to replace «Betty, la fea». That is why we wanted to remember how the remembered Pilarica is today. She is currently 32 years old, she is married to the Argentine actor Michel Brown and she wears a quite different look than when she was in the soap opera when she was only 18 years old.

Now she has short hair and many of her followers highlight her sensuality when posing in front of the cameras. For this reason, here we wanted to leave you some photos of her Instagram account, where Pilarica shows that she not only stands out for her talent but also for her beauty:

Do you think that the actress who gave life to ‘Pilarica’ de los Reyes has changed a lot in these 14 years?

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