This is what Shakira looks like with red hair

Did it get better, worse or stay the same? Shakira shared on her social networks a photo of her next to Nicky Jam in which she showed a radical change of look, of course, it is not the first time that she wears red hair.

Stars tend to change their look quite often. The one who now joined the list was the singer Shakirawho left aside his traditional platinum blonde for a redhead that he did not wear more than fifteen years ago, when he sang one of his best-known songs «Eyes like that».

On the occasion of his new video with a Nicky Jam, the Colombian returned to one of her most memorable looks. In the image Shakira He appears in sportswear and his reddish-orange hair is covered by a backwards cap. “Redhead is more fun”the singer wrote on the networks.




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Nicky Jam and Shakira star together «Faithful dog»a theme found within «The Golden»the latest album by the Colombian artist.

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What is the hair color that most looks to the barranquillera? Comment here.

Taken from TeleFe News