This is what Raquel looks like, the girl who played: Mom, where are the toys?

Christmas is approaching, the perfect time to share with family and friends. Christmas carols are typical in this month and that is why we want to show you what the girl she played looks like: Mom, where are the toys?

Rachel Castanos, He started his artistic career when he was 5 years old.. Two years later, his mother received a proposal to sing the popular Christmas Carol. At first, she didn’t want to sing that song because she thought it was so sad, but her mom ended up convincing her of it.

The mother’s voice was performed by a choir called Birds. the song wanted reflect the poverty experienced by many families, not having money to buy gifts for their children. This theme was a complete success and from then on Raquel continued to gain much more fame.

This was the girl who played: Mom, where are the toys?

This is how it looks now

So far, Raquel has recorded 30 albums and is happily married to José “el pollo” Sifontes, a composer from Venezuela. Besides being singer, she is also an actress and composer.

This Christmas carol will never go out of style during the holiday season. Even though we have listened to this song many times, it will always make us nostalgic.

With Information from: Soho