This is what Pedrito Coral Jr, the son of Pedro el escamoso, currently looks like

Although its premiere was more than 20 years ago, Peter the Scaly, continues to captivate Colombians. This is what Pedrito Coral Jr currently looks like, the remembered son of Pedro Coral Tavera.

On these days the leading role of Pedrito Coral Jr, has given something to talk about, because his participation in the cast of the novel is still in the memory of the country. The emblematic series continues to air in its repetition on the Caracol channel and every night the occurrences of Miguel Varoni, who gives life to Pedro Coral, entertain thousands of viewers.

It’s about the actor Carlos Kajú, who personified this charismatic boy, when he was just 8 years old. Her participation in the novel was applauded by the audience and the rest of the actors, because the ease with which she developed and the fluidity with which she recited the dialogues, favored the recording of multiple scenes.

Kajú is currently 28 years old and continues to work in the artistic medium, He has participated in national productions such as: Bolivar, Emerald Y The girl, Likewise, he has had the opportunity to work abroad, specifically in Mexico.

The actor keeps his audience updated through his social networks, where he shares details of his work and photos of the sessions in which he participates. To date, he has more than 70 thousand followers on Instagram.

infidelity scandal

Your name recently it came out in the media again, this time, due to a scandal of an alleged infidelity of his partner. Apparently while Carlos was in the Aztec country advancing acting projects, his girlfriend started a relationship with another person with whom he even lived in the same house. Some time later, Kajú’s now ex-girlfriend confessed that he hid his infidelity to use it.

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