This is what Catalina Maya looked like in notebooks, do you remember her?

Do you remember the covers of the model katherine maya in notebooks schoolchildren? We share some of those images that made many of your schoolmates sigh.

At the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s, in Colombia we were in full fever of models in notebooks and many adolescents and young people collected them. Various models appeared on the covers of these school supplies, such as Natalia Paris, Ana Sofia Henao and the beautiful Catalina Maya.

Covers of Catalina Maya in notebooks were like this

After his controversial departure from Master Chef CelebrityCatalina recalled these photographs in an interview on the program good morning colombia, from Canal RCN; some Internet users had heard of them, but had never seen them, or had seen them but a long time ago, and that is why we dusted them off here.

“For me, the time of the notebooks marked my life in two. I was 17 when we did that. The first ones who did that were Natalia Paris, Ana Sofía Henao and me. Nobody had served before and that was the ‘boom’”.

He said on that show.

The paisa confessed that she still keeps several copies of these publications, which she shares from time to time on her social networks; In addition, she frequently asks her followers that if they still have them, they send her photographs of her, because for her they are memories of a very beautiful time.

And it is that this model was just 17 years old when she made these covers and never thought at the time that 20 years later she would be remembered as «the one with the notebooks».

What do you think? Has Catalina Maya changed much since her time with the notebooks? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Your friends, friends and family will love remembering those years.