This is what Ana Sofía Henao looked like before she was famous. Has she changed?

She is one of the most remembered models of the 90’s in Colombia, but how was Ana Sofia Henao Before being famous? She revealed it herself.

Some people find adolescence quite hard, like the presenter of I know everything Elianis Garrido, whose Instagam blew up the day she posted a photo of when she was 15 years old and she didn’t look very good. How did Ana Sofía Henao go when posting a photo in that difficult stage of life?

How old is Sofia Henao?

This beautiful paisa was born in the city of Medellín on June 19, 1982. This means that at the time of publication of this note (2021) she is 39 years old and many say that she does not look it at all.

What did Ana Sofía Henao look like before she was famous?

She belongs to the generation of paisa models of the 90s that made many Colombians sigh, especially for the notebook covers very fashionable at that time in which he participated with his countrywoman Natalia Paris and other models.

Although she began her modeling career when she was 16 years old, she only achieved national fame when the opportunity for these notebooks came her way. From that time when she posed in a swimsuit for her catalogs, we get an image of her that she gave to her followers through her social networks.

The paisa activated the question tool of her Instagram account in order to please her fans by publishing the photo they asked for. One of them asked for one of hers from her adolescence and the image is the one that we share with you below.

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