This is what 5 celebrities looked like before getting some «fixes» on their nose

They have established themselves as one of the most important celebrities at the moment in Colombia, that’s why we wanted to remember how they looked a few years ago.

Greeicy Rendón, Luisa Fernanda W, Sara Uribe, Carmen Villalobos and Daniela Ospina give people something to talk about all the time and it’s not just because of their beauty. Also with their talent they have managed to achieve fame and stand out both nationally and internationally.

However, there is always something that worries more than one and it is to see what these famous people were like in the past. For that reason, we wanted to remember how they looked a few years ago before getting some “fixes”, but this time on the nose.

Greeicy Rendon

Luisa Fernanda W.

Sarah Uribe

carmen villalobos

Daniela Ospina

Which of these famous Colombians do you think has had the most drastic change?

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With information from: Protagonist