This is Walter White’s Facebook movie from «Breaking Bad»

The actor of the successful series “Breaking Bad” shared the video clip of your moments in this social network.

The social network of friends celebrated, on February 4, its first decade on the Internet. As a gift to its more than 1,000 million users, it made available a tool called “A Look Back”with which you can publish a short personalized video with the best moments in Facebook. Since that day, the walls of the site have been filled with these clips.

But the video of one of the characters with the greatest impact last year was missing: Walter Whitefrom the hit series breaking bad, which ended last September after five seasons. comedians Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues were in charge of creating the fun clip with the snapshots of the character played by brian cranston.

In the video posted on Youtube there is a compilation of images of Heisenberg with his wife Skylerhis brother-in-law Hank and his son Walter Jr.. There are also ironic comments about Jesse Pinkman and the photo of the mobile home.

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