This is the woman who made Betty’s life «difficult»

«Ugly Betty» He continues to attract attention not only because of his change of look, but because this time a character appeared who seems to be going to make the protagonist suffer.

The novel that fell in love with Colombians is getting closer to reaching its end. However, these days a character arrived who apparently is going to make Betty suffer. The reason? She is a beautiful woman who accompanies Armando Mendoza and from time to time flirts with him a little.

For this reason, we wanted to see what Scarlet Ortíz, the Venezuelan who gave life to Alejandra Sing, looks like today. These are the best photos of the actress 20 years after participating in «Ugly Betty», how do you see it? We believe that she does not age:

How about the photos of the woman who made «Ugly Betty» feel insecure?

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