This is the reason why Belky Arizala is being criticized

The director of the Yellow Agency Belky Arizala received strong criticism on social networks for something that viewers didn’t like that he did with his team members.

Belky Arizala has been characterized as one of the most demanding directors in the reality show La Agencia del Canal Caracol.

However, in each test the director of the Yellow Agency almost always chooses the Afro-descendant participants of her team, which many viewers have not liked.

On this occasion, the test had to highlight the hair of the participants and Belky chose Leicy Rivas, an Afro model who has a cut that is too short Like for a commercial for hair products.

Of course, when the judges evaluated the commercial, they criticized his decision for choosing that participant.

Even, Pillar Brown added«Why put Leicy if her shampoo lasts a month?»

Also, users on social networks also took the opportunity to show their nonconformityThese were some of the comments.

I’m just saying that Dave is already very burnt out, Belky cares about inclusion but leaves many who barely appeared in 1 commercial out. #TheAgencyBattleOfModels

—Yes sir I can boogie! (@SuchA_GloomyDay) January 18, 2019

@TV snail And again it happened, @BELKYARIZALA With His Striped Idea Of Inclusion, He Doesn’t Change The CD 🎶…Inclusion, Inclusion… 🎶 And What He Really Does Is EXCLUSION With His Other Models Who Also Deserve A Chance, To Have More Participation. #TheAgencyBattleOfModels

– #EquipoPorColombia 🇨🇴✊🕊♻️ (@Bryan_Kmpo) January 18, 2019

That situation is a bit complicated it seems. You can give your opinion if you are for or against what is happening with Belky and then share it on your social networks, it is a very interesting topic.