This is the fashion that drives Brazilians crazy, it’s called «marquinha»

We know that the perfect tan has always been a topic before and after vacations and it is normalwe all want to show off radiant skin, with a perfect skin color and look very beautiful.

Many women like to see the shadow of the bikini on their body, because that implies that the rest of the body is completely and perfectly tanned or, well, it is not always perfection, but if you know that at least one part of the body has a different skin color.

Well, it turns out that in Brazil a technique is in fashion that helps this to happen without having to go to the beach or the pool. and wait for hours to get the perfect skin tone.

The fashion is called “marquinha”, until now popular only among women but apparently it will also be made for men and there are some that are already starting to go.

Since the Brazilian singer Anitta showed in her video clip that became an international success, “Vai Malandra”, how women tanned with adhesive tape to enhance the mark of the sun, this browning method became popular among the Brazilian population.

Erika Romero is one of the promoters of this fashion, with a terrace in the west of Rio de Janeirohas founded his business and serves dozens of people who come to his rooftop every day in search of the best tan.

Here we tell you what is the procedure that Brazilians do

The procedure consists of placing an adhesive tape on the client’s body, applying protector and then go up to the terrace to sunbathe.

Once there, Erika’s assistants rub a tanning accelerator over their clients’ bodies, hydrating them with water every so often so they can withstand the sweltering heat.

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees, customers endure forty minutes in the sun from the front and the same from the back.

“Here the tan has a differential, we pass a product that accelerates the “marquinha”, it is more powerful, and seeing how perfect it was in women, men wanted to sign up”, explained Erika Romero.

Each tanning session costs about twenty dollars, and in the middle of the southern summer and with carnival just around the corner, demand increases considerably at Erika’s place.

Although the use of sunscreen is mandatory, it is only applied once at the beginning of the session, in case of whiter skin, factor thirty is used and in case of dark skin, factor fifteen.

The same girls, you have to keep in mind that this is not for everyone and if you have to take good care of your skin from the sun’s rays, because it could be dangerous. Do not forget to share on your social networks.

Information from: Minute30