This is the anti-paparazzi scarf

Those who love to photograph celebrities will have to change their profession because now this scarf, scarf, pashmina or whatever they want to call it will not allow them to take their precious photos.

This large handkerchief whose normal appearance does not reveal what it is capable of doing and which is nothing more than making it impossible to take images with flash, which makes it very difficult to obtain the ideal image that the paparazzi of the famous who waits.

This piece of fabric has been created by a young Indian designer named Saif Siddhialthough it does not become the framework of the invisibility of Harry Potterwhich many celebrities would like, achieves the effect of ruining the image captured with the camera, thanks to the recreation of the effect of bicycle reflectors in a garment that has been achieved after several years of research and development.

Is named ‘The Ishu’ and its operation can be seen in Youtube and on the product’s website, where it is highlighted that its objective is to preserve the privacy of people, who are usually more exposed to the media and social networks.

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This handkerchief not only works with cameras but can prevent video recordings from effectively capturing the images that are intended to be recorded and although for now it is only sold in this form, its creator is developing other products in the same way. technology, such as covers for smartphones and ties with a view to achieving the same results of rendering images taken while using the flash useless.

Among the celebrities and well-known personalities who have been seen wearing this scarf, the faces of Cameron Díaz, Jérôme Boateng, Jermain Defoe, Jeremy Piven or, Bluey Robinson or Paris Hilton…

Taken from Merca20