This is the 15-year party with the most guests in history

Parties with numerous guests are very popular in Mexico, they last all weekend and have a live orchestra to cheer up the community, regardless of whether it is a baptism, birthday or wedding.

Well, the fifteen-year-old’s father did not imagine that after publishing the video it would go viral and also that several hundred people would confirm their attendance at the event.

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To carry out the invitation, which would originally be published only on the Facebook page of the Technological Institute of Matehuala, where the celebrant apparently studies, the host hired a video producer, whose person in charge is identified as Isaac Rosas, who shared the material in Facebook and forgot to activate the privacy filters, in such a way that thousands of people could share it and download it to also publish it on Twitter and Youtube.

The hubbub was such that that same afternoon, some creative created a public event on Facebook inviting «The XV years of Rubí», which until this Sunday night accumulated more than 995 thousand people confirmed to attend, almost 300 thousand interested and had been shared 568 thousand times on the social network.

Of course, the topic began to gain notoriety on social networks, to the point of becoming a trend, generating comments from celebrities and also a number of memes.

The most recent of the case, according to state media reports San Luis Potosiwhere Rubí’s family resides, is that Isaac Rosas released a statement in which the father clarifies that the invitation is only for acquaintances of the family and inhabitants of the town of La Joya, where the party will be held on monday december 26.

According to his version, the Mr Ibarra He called him alarmed by the viral phenomenon that had been generated and worried about not being able to receive such a large number of people, so he asked him to limit the call.

This decision also caused ridicule in the networks.

According to information from Potosí media, the fithis is still standing, as well as the participation of a wide musical poster and the invitation for inhabitants of La Joya. In them, Rosas has explained that the mockery generated by the case is due to the fact that people are unaware of local traditions, where large parties are customary and the entire town is invited.

It should be clarified that one of the things that most caught the attention of netizens is the promise that there will be a prize of 10 thousand pesos to the first place of the «chiva» and that for the second and third «that’s where we settle».

The «goat» It is what is called in some Mexican communities to improvised horse races and without any regulation.

Taken from Yahoo