This is «Shakiro» and it’s not Carlos Vargas

Shakira has taught us that hips don’t lie and there have been many people who have tried to imitate her, however she found a man on social networks who dared to move his hips.

If something has characterized the Colombian singer, it is having the ability to perform movements almost impossible for any other being, and many of them are due to the gift she has with the lower part of her body. However, there are some who can imitate it perfectly.

It is the case of Giulio Dilemmia dancer and model who managed to capture the attention of Shakira through a video in which he took on the challenge of following in detail one of the most demanding dance routines that the star has done on stage.

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“Well, sometimes people say to me, ‘Do you do belly dancing? So you can dance like Shakira, right?’”wrote Giulio in the clip in which he recreates the performance of Eyes like that what did you do shake of during the The Sun Tour comes out between 2010 and 2011.

For her part, the singer-songwriter posted the video on her official Instagram account and added: “Someone is getting ready to dance on my El Dorado World Tour!!”

Shakira She is currently preparing to start her long-awaited new world tour in November, the first since she premiered as a mother in 2013.

According to data from the Spanish newspaper The world, just with The Sun Rises Tour, Shakira he pocketed the incredible figure of around 117 million dollars, and with the new one it seems that nothing is going to go wrong for him, considering that there are already many dates sold out and that his 9th album reached the first place in 34 countries.

Taken from E! Entertainment