This is psychological violence and you did not know it

Never tolerate this in a relationship, because it is psychological violence! Even if we haven’t realized it before…

In the media we find many articles about violence against women, but these almost always refer to physical abuse, however, there is abuse that, although it does not leave wounds on the body, it does deeply mark the soul: psychological partner violence.

Psychological violence occurs in many couples, even from the courtship stage, but sometimes it begins in such a subtle way that it is impossible to identify it; other times we let it go because we think that’s the way relationships are. Learn to detect psychological violence in your relationship with these tips.

Situations that are psychological violence and you thought they were not:

  • isolates you: If he forbids you to see you with your family and/or friends, he insults you if he sees you talking to other people and he thinks that you are complaining all the time, not about him, alert!

  • Criticize your physique: It is psychological violence to denigrate the partner for their physical appearance, to tell them in a hurtful way that they are fat, ugly, etc.

  • Makes you doubt your mental stability: One of the worst forms of psychological violence that occurs in a couple is convincing the victim that she is crazy; The worst thing is that the perpetrator convinces those around them of the same thing, so even the same person can end up believing that she is out of her mind.

  • Economic violence: When he takes your salary, he doesn’t give you money if you’re a housewife or he gives you just for expenses and checks, with bill in hand, that you haven’t bought anything for yourself.

  • Threatens to harm himself: Threatening to kill himself and saying he will kill himself if they break up is psychological violence. Never let yourself be blackmailed in this way.

  • Threatens to hurt you or your family: Flees! If you feel fear for your integrity or that of your family, believe your instinct, stay away from that person, because everything can end very badly.

Be careful, here we include feminine because most of our readers are girls, but Psychological violence in a couple can occur in any gender.

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If you feel that you are a victim of psychological violence by your partner, ask for help! This type of abuse not only damages you inside, but can end in femicide, that’s why SHARE THIS NOTE ON YOUR NETWORKS!