This is only done by couples who are really happy

always expected that when you have a love relationship everything is happiness, love and peace, but it doesn’t always happen that way, we tell you what couples who are really happy do.

All of us at some point have known those couples that expel love everywhere and in fact it is not because they are kissing or hugging all the time, but that just when you see them you know they are floating on a cloud of love. What’s more, when you ask how long they’ve been together, It happens that they have been in a relationship for years and it doesn’t seem like there is a secret to keeping the flame alive and it turns out that there is.

The study carried out by Portal New Code tells us that to maintain the quality of the relationship, that is to say that it is strong and sincere, you have to do activities together, this in many cases has been misunderstood, because it is believed that with this individuality could be lost and that is a lie. One must preserve one’s personality and get involved in the other person’s likes and dislikes that are part of the routine, focusing on making the relationship stronger.

DEnjoying time together while doing chores or leisure activities not only sustains the relationship but is also a positive and constructive way to deal with situations where a couple arguesthat’s why you have to do all kinds of new and fun activities, this will greatly strengthen the relationship and it doesn’t necessarily have to be skydiving or extreme activities, just being together and sharing day to day and supporting your partner’s tastes.

That is where the secret lies, in preserving the individuality of each one and walking together on the same path. You will be one of those couples that everyone envies.

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