This is how we should dress for the company party

At this time of year we get ready for what will be the farewell of the year in companies and we always end up asking ourselves the same question now what do I wear?

Although we are not technically working, we cannot forget that we are in a labor context, while our bosses, colleagues and there may even be external clients of the company. For this reason, it is essential to remember that the image that others form of us is subjective and depends on how we see ourselves and how we behave. It is useless for garments and accessories to be ideal if they are accompanied by behavior that is inappropriate for the context and vice versa.

In addition, the image is dynamic, this implies that it is constantly updated, every time they interact with us, they are reinforcing the previous concept they have of us, or not, depending on the data that is perceived. Hence, inappropriate behavior or clothing that is not suitable for that type of event can act to the detriment of how others perceive us.

what to wear

It is essential to find out where the party will be held since the clothing will vary if it is a day or night celebration. For the latter case, we can incorporate some glitter detail, or a more striking fabric, as well as dark or metallic tones, while more opaque fabrics are suggested during the day.

The footwear It will also depend on the time of day and the place: a lunch in a restaurant is not the same as a celebration at noon in a field or ranch, and footwear will inevitably vary.

The garments must be comfortable, for the duration of the event and above all, if we go from work to the party, without being able to go home to change. If this is your case, we suggest you give importance to accessories, leaving the same clothing, in case you have to go directly from work to the event. Carry an appropriate accessory for the event in your purse or bag (for example, a maxi necklace or a very colorful necklace, a cocktail ring) and a pair of shoes that is most appropriate for the event, without losing comfort.

It should not be missing in our purse everything necessary to touch up the makeup and adapt it to the context of the event.

The clothing can be a little more special than what we wear every day, incorporating some garment such as a silk or satin blouse or a bag with some special embroidery or appliqué.

A final recommendation would be to do something different with the hair. If we always wear it up, wear it that way to work and leave it loose for the event. Another variant could be to comb it (brushing or flat iron)to see ourselves elegant and sophisticated and, in a certain way, different from how we see ourselves every day.

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