This is how the song that Cabas made to his son sounds

Andrés Cabas surprised us with a beautiful song called «Tanto que te amo tanto», very emotional and was composed for his little 8-year-old son Simón.

“It expresses a very strong moment of loneliness and tells how difficult it has been to be away from my son for so long”Said the singer who assured that his little one is the most important thing he has in his life.

He added that he wanted to give people a song where they could express the sense of longing and strangeness.

“I would have always wanted to make a strong song and I have believed that music should be honest and go to the feeling to create a feeling that is wonder with the soul”

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The song will be part of his next album entitled ‘A new chapter’ and that comes after several years of being away from the stage after finally finding the group of people with whom he wanted to do new things.

The singer assured that he felt like returning to show the result of several years of touring the country and the world composing songs.

In addition, the singer assured that after giving rein to his feelings, paying tribute to his father will return with very moving songs.

«I still believe in the feeling and that it has some risk»explained the singer who announced that in two months he will release his new song and his new album will be released in October.

Taken from HSB