This is how the Moon and its lunar eclipse affect you according to your sign

The Moon and its interaction with the Sun can affect you. It is better to be forewarned and act following the astrological warnings about this lunar eclipse according to your zodiac sign.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth interposes itself between the Sun and the Moon, generating a shadow of our planet on said satellite. It is a phenomenon that it does not go unnoticed by astrology.

Prepare for the lunar eclipse according to your sign

Aries: An ex, a friend or friend with whom you fought will come back to look for you and give you a life lesson.

Taurus: Batteries, do not fall into the temptation of a fleeting romance, as it will end quickly and destroy a stable relationship.

Gemini: You have a three-day window to improve your communication in every way. Take advantage of it.

Cancer: You will feel enormous frustration due to misunderstandings with close people.

Leo: You could find your ideal partner. Be careful, he is someone who has always been by your side, but you will only have 3 days to make him fall in love.

Virgo: You will have doubts about your life, where you are going, etc. You better get away and spend time alone.

Pound: You will feel the need to pay attention to yourself. Take advantage of the impulse to pamper yourself, buying what you have always wanted.

Scorpion: You will feel disconnected from everyone around you. Avoid social gatherings, as they could end in a fight.

Sagittarius: It is the ideal time to meet new people with whom you share tastes and passions. Go out to the park.

Capricorn: You will feel like eating the world and, fortunately, the world is served at your feet on a silver platter.

Aquarium: You will feel many doubts about the future, but good news will reassure you.

Pisces: Pay attention to the things that really matter, like your health and your family.

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