This is how «The Mafia Dolls» are after more than 10 years

More than 10 years ago they appeared «Mafia Dolls» on Colombian television and today this is what has happened with its protagonists.

“Las Muñecas de la Mafia” was a Colombian series whose protagonists were six women who were involved with the most powerful and dangerous mafia bosses. The story presented the dark world of drug trafficking from the lives of these girls who lived surrounded by luxuries and excesses but in the end did not end well at all.

What do “The Mafia Dolls” look like today?

Without a doubt, this series had a great reception among the public that was mesmerized by the stories of Brenda, Renata, Pamela, Violeta, Olivia and Lucrecia. Therefore, we are going to see how its protagonists have changed and what they do today.

The Mafia Dolls: Brenda Navarrete played by Angélica Blandón

Brenda Navarrete was a woman who stood out for her humility, for being loyal, hard-working and for her desire to get ahead. However, when she least expected it, she found herself involved with Braulio Bermúdez, the most important capo in the region, and by turns of fate she ended up falling in love and expecting a child from the drug trafficker.

The actress Angélica Blandón is currently very close to her family and did not want to be part of the second season of the series because she dedicated herself to her production company and other television projects.

Renata Gomez played by Yuly Ferreira

Renata Gómez never got out of the problems that surrounded her and each time she got involved in worse ones. She was one of the young people who suffered the most in the series, she was abused and forced to traffic money and drugs. That is why in one of the difficult moments of her life, one of the baddest men in El Carmen forces her to travel with drugs in her stomach and she dies in the United States as a NN.

Yuly Ferreira married fellow actor Fabián Ríos and devoted himself to his family, although he left Colombian television. The actress has been part of other productions abroad and she has also stood out in the fitness world with her various workouts and exercise routines.

Pamela Rojas played by Andrea Gomez

Pamela Rojas was a young woman who dreamed of being a model, she had a fairly comfortable life full of luxuries because her father was a pilot. However, one day she discovered that her father was actually doing «favors» for the mafia bosses and ended up being extradited to the United States. As the days went by, she ended up getting romantically involved with several drug traffickers and her life fell apart.

Although Andrea Gómez gave life to a rather controversial character, this was one of the few times she appeared on television. Caleña moved away from the world of entertainment, cameras and social networks to dedicate herself to her jewelry company with which she triumphs around the world with her sister.

The Mafia Dolls: Violeta Manrique played by Alejandra Sandoval

Violeta Manrique from a very young age was in charge of helping her father to pack drugs to do business related to drug trafficking. However, he was murdered and from that moment the young woman began to seek revenge and she ended up being murdered by one of the most fearsome criminals in El Carmen.

Alejandra Sandoval is an actress recognized for participating in several television and theater productions. She has two daughters and is married to fellow Venezuelan actor Jorge Reyes.

Olivia Rengifo played by Caterin Escobar

Olivia Rengifo was an interested woman who was always looking for power, luxury and money regardless of the consequences. That is why she was involved with Braulio Bermúdez and thanks to her bad decisions she ended up in jail without the eccentricities to which she was accustomed.

Caterin Escobar is still in force in many Colombian productions, she has participated in several novels and series. In social networks, she stands out for maintaining a healthy life and being very focused on exercise.

Lucrecia Rivas played by Amparo Grisales

Lucrecia Rivas was the ex-wife of Braulio Bermúdez, the most influential drug trafficker in El Carmen, but later she becomes romantically involved with another very important capo, Nicanor Pedraza. She stood out for being a refined, calculating and above all very ambitious woman but with a great love for her daughter Guadalupe.

Amparo Grisales has never been separated from the small screen, she has always been in different television projects such as soap operas, series and even reality shows. That is why she is known as «La Diva» on Colombian television and she attracts attention every time she gives something to talk about.

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