This is how the actors of «From head to toe» look today

Several productions of the 90’s captivated with their stories. Remember old times, looking at the before and after of the actors of «From head to toe».

This series was broadcast from 1993 to 1997, it told the story of a former soccer player who came to a neighborhood to coach a soccer team called The cats. See how much the main actors have changed.

Before and after the actors of “From head to toe”

Paul – Manuel Jose Chaves

With only 12 years he starred in this series. She later participated in several productions such as: Perro amor and Francisco el mathematical.

Violet – Carolina Acevedo

In this series he made his debut. She has participated in several successful series and novels such as: Poor Pablo, O todos en la cama, La madre and La nocturna.

The cat – Felipe Nogue

He studied economics, but due to an accident he ended up studying acting. In the last soap opera he was in, it was Pocholo.

Nano – John Alexander Ortiz

After the series, I act in Pandillas Guerra y paz. In 2000 he was shot 3 times by a 17 year old. This left him in a wheelchair for 1 year, in 2005 he returned to acting with Fair Play and is now a pastor.

Lisa-Andrea Gomez

His first role was in this series, then he was in other successful productions such as: Francisco the mathematician, Escobar the pattern of evil and The law of the heart.

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