This is how Ricky Martin raised his current boyfriend

There are many ways to meet people and with technology it is more practical to do it, you remember what has been the strangest way in which you met someone.

One might think that social networks are a priority for the youngest and that meeting the love of your life through the Internet is a matter for the new generations. But it’s not quite like that. Today anyone can find a partner through the computer or the cell phone, for the sample Ricky Martin.

In an interview, the Puerto Rican said that he was looking at photos in Instagram until you clicked on the tab «art» and found the account Joseph. “All of a sudden I saw a beautiful piece of art and I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s cool! Whose is this?’. Then I started to see more and then I wrote to him”he recalled during the note.

The singer commented that they were six months! chatting. “We talked about art, nothing sexy. It was all about art and about life in general. Then I traveled to London and we finally met.»he added.

Last year he proposed to her and, although there is still no confirmed date, he announced that it will be a big event. «I’m going to make a lot of noise, it’s going to be a three-day party»he boasted.

With information from Viola