This is how Patrick Delmas lives quarantine, does the same thing happen to you?

The French actor shared a funny video that has identified more than one with his situation, this is how Patrick Delmas lives quarantine, like most of us.

We are sure that in these days of isolation and quarantine you have had many inconveniences with your partner, your parents, your children and even your petbut like Patrick they will always want to show that «everything is going well».

And it is that without going beyond that, the video of Patrick Delmas is about, while he talks about how nice living with his wife is and how nice marriage is, on a tablet he publishes his complaint contradicting in the same way each of his words.

Video: This is how Patrick Delmas lives in quarantine

Did you like the Patrick Delmas video? So far the viral video has more than 36 thousand reproductions and more than a thousand comments.

Just as Patrick found a way to let off steam -in a funny way- many of our listeners have let off steam from the difficult coexistence they have had during these first days of quarantine.

Recently, during the #MarathonVibra some listeners took the opportunity to tell Karen, Toño and Max the reasons why they have had problems with their relatives.

The most frequent fights are with the mothers, why is that? As Karen said, some go overboard doing things that no one has asked them to do and others because they are too controlling.

The second is with the children and other family members, such as cousins ​​who are visiting and do nothing.

And of course those who fight with the television or even fight alone.

What struck us the most is that there are many people who are alone and don’t even have anyone to fight with.

If this is how Patrick Delmas lives quarantine, tell us how you are living your quarantine with your family,

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