This is how Nuquí sounds and looks, the new Chocquibtown

Nuquí is a beautiful beach in Choco and it is also the third single from the album “The Same” by the group made up of Goyo, Tostao and Slow Mike.

The letter says it all Nuqui It represents much more than a beach in Chocó, it is a destination that inspires songs and will make every Colombian start to see these images from the Chocquibtown video.

“For us it is important that this video was made because it shows a Chocó on a massive level that nobody knows. And under the premise «We are Chocó, We are great»we join forces with The Joviseña a local businesswoman, the local Mayor’s Office, Mano Cambiada Foundation and the Utría National Parkto have this song with its video and give the world some images that fall in love” this is how the group told it.

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Three days of recording touring the waterway, with wonderful landscapes and animals, which were captured in the lens of the director of French Production.

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Goyo, vocalist of the group said: “We recorded it in one of the most beautiful parts of Chocó that not many Colombians know but that is worth going to enjoy its beauty and its people. A Pacific that is ready and eager to say many things, for Colombians to meet him and for people to find themselves in a unique experience”ended.

In addition, the Latin American video network MTV has just nominated them for the Miaw16 Awards that awards the best of pop culture, the digital world, music and social networks by country. Goyo, Tostao and Slow Mike compete in the ARTIST OF THE YEAR category for Colombia.

MTV voting is open for fans here. At the gala there will be the June 12 at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City.

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