This is how Lady Noriega looked young, and they say she looks like another person

Young Lady Noriega looked very different from how she looks today, and not only because of her age, but also because of the surgeries. Look at her impressive before and after.

She is a famous Colombian model, singer and actress, well remembered for her role as Pepita Ronderos in the telenovela Passion of HawksDo you remember her?

Before acting, presenting and being so famous, Lady was a beauty queen; in 1991 participated in the national contest of Colombia, representing the department of Córdoba.

Watch Young Lady Noriega vs. today

Although at the time of the reign she had a perfect body and a doll face, a series of plastic surgeries that complicated drastically changed his face.

His face was so strange and deformed that he had to undergo a long and painful procedure to extract the substances and prosthetics that he had under his skin.

That is why she was away from public life for some time. today looks betterhowever, has some sequels and his face can never recover.

Currently she is very focused on her singing career, performing and performing concerts. His voice is still intact.

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