This is how ‘If everything ends’ by Andrés Cepeda and Joss Favela sounds

if everything ends by Andres Cepeda Together with the Mexican singer-songwriter Joss Favela, it is a song with the air of a nostalgic ballad that you will not be able to stop singing after hearing it for the first time.

The singer-songwriter presents the second release of his fourteenth musical work, a song performed together with the Mexican artist Joss Favela, in which the lyrical inspiration of Favela is mixed with the pop rock of Cepeda, generating a new sound that reveals different facets of both. artists.

Watch the official video of if everything ends by Andres Cepeda

Both Favela and Cepeda agree that pop should return to its roots of popular expression, where less prefabricated and more real proposals are presented, do you agree? This is how they leave this new single for the consideration of their public: if everything ends.

“If everything is over, it comes into my hands in full confinement, at a time when I needed motivation. When I listened to it I found two of the worlds that I adore the most: the combination of good lyrics with a beautiful melody; the result, a powerful song”.

Andrés Cepeda affirms, who invited Joss Favela (who wrote lyrics for this song) to record it in two voices.

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