This is how Andrea Guerrero looks without filters and «Al Natural»

During this time of quarantine and isolation, many women have decided to let their skin rest from so much makeup, even the famous ones, this is how Andrea Guerrero looks without filters and “Al Natural”.

Surely she is not the first woman to be seen with bags under her eyes and without waxing, the curious thing about the fact is that it was her, because in her social networks and her surroundings she always looks impeccable with her makeup.

The sports journalist who is part of the staff of Canal RCN and ESPN shared an image from the place where she is living in quarantine and made it clear that she is a woman with needs and like all of them.

This is the photo of Andrea Guerrero without filters

The photo was accompanied by the following text:

“Nice to meet you, I am Andrea in quarantine… mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and journalist. If you think these days have been easy for me, well, I’ll tell you that there are some that are very good and others that are not so good; but I enjoy every second of these days to the fullest, which have undoubtedly made us better human beings, more supportive, empathic and real!!!!”

Andrea Guerrero in her publication

Of course, many of his followers reacted positively to the photograph, even reaching more than 18 thousand “Likes” and almost 400 comments.

«You have always been beautiful Andre, you shine with your own light», «be careful with those beautiful dark circles», «one of the most talented journalists in the country», «in the house everything goes, don’t worry Andre».

Comments from your followers

Obviously There were also unfortunate commentswho criticized her, even pointed out that she was careless and disheveled.

In her publication, she also highlighted which implies developing her work from home, continuing to be a mother, daughter, wife and fulfilling her responsibilities.

Do you think that Andrea Guerrero looks sloppy and disheveled? Tell us what your beauty routine is these days of quarantine, if you dress up, a lot, a little or not at all.

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