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Some men have the facility to speak nicely to us and be all gentlemen, but Are they like this with all women?

Charisma and high self-esteem are the bases for a man to catch our attention and, like many others, we also pay attention to them. Here are the signs so you know if that boy you like so much is a womanizer or not.


Friends. It’s normal for guys to have friends, but they have many who show up seasonally, write him messages about how handsome he looks on Facebook, send him super flirty messages or invite him to parties.

Sex. His main motivation for being with you, or any other girl, is to get you into bed. Their conversations will revolve around sex and ‘how sexy you are’.

Friends. When they are alone he is super affectionate, cute and protective, but when they are with his friends it is as if you did not exist; it is the biggest sign that he does not want his friends to see that he is in a formal relationship with you.

Appearances. These types of guys make their moves at night, they’ll call and text you late; If I wanted something serious, I would also look for you in the mornings and afternoons.

Very sure. They become a little self-centered and even arrogant, they are the kind of people who will see for themselves first and if they have time and desire left, maybe they will see for you.

Nothing personal. Players don’t want to bond and therefore don’t talk or ask personal questions.

excuses. If you want to do something that you would do with a partner, they will not say no, but they will give you thousands of excuses not to go.

Flees. If in some way, consciously or unconsciously, you have shown him that you feel something for him, he will run away in terror, so if one day he doesn’t call you, he doesn’t write to you and you don’t hear from him, it’s because he doesn’t want anything serious.

If you like a boy with these characteristics, the healthiest thing is to stay away from him and look for someone interested in you and in establishing a serious relationship. Sometimes a womanizing boy can change if he wants to be with you, but you will have to be patient and accept that he has always been like this.

Do you like womanizers?

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