This is how a man’s heart breaks

If you think that men don’t have hearts because they don’t express their feelings easily, you have to see what some of them told us when we asked them…

«In matters of love… what breaks your heart?» That was the question we asked men of all kinds: young, married, enamored, churros, single, etc… And these were the answers, you’ll be surprised!

«It breaks my heart… that they distrust me»

«It breaks my heart… the pieces»

“It breaks my heart… the indifference”

“It breaks my heart… the lies”

«It breaks my heart… to be told that I no longer give love like the first time»

“It breaks my heart… that they hide past boyfriends”

«It breaks my heart… when they leave without saying goodbye»

«It breaks my heart… seeing her with another»

“It breaks my heart… the disrespect”

«It breaks my heart… that she thinks I’m little to her»

«It breaks my heart… that they don’t let me watch football»

«It breaks my heart… let it be bad dust»

Tea you expected these answers by men, who are supposedly “tougher” and “stronger” than us?

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