This bagger is the most requested on Instagram

Costco shoppers have a new excuse to shop there and it’s a very sexy bagger who has set social media on fire, in other words «everyone wants him to pack the market for them.»

Some days ago, Irvin Villatoroan employee of the company Costco He went viral on the internet for being handsome and having a well-worked body, thus awakening the low passions of thousands of Internet users.

The popularity of the young man rose like foam, so much so that even women go to the store to take photos of him while he works and even line up for him to attend to them personally, this after it was learned that the gallant works in a branch of chihuahua mexico.

In less than 24 hours Irvin’s photos working they had gone around the world on social networks, making him a trend and being described as the most handsome employee of the commercial chain.

Since then it was discovered that the young man is also dedicated to modeling in his spare time, so he shares sexy photos in which he shows his well-sculpted body, now obtaining more than 16 thousand followers on Instagram and 20 thousand on Facebook.

Fortunately so far irvin He has not spoken out against the harassment he experiences at work and we hope that all the ruckus he can cause on a daily basis will not be grounds for dismissal.

Here’s one of the perks of being popular like Irvin, a little detail:

Taken from TV Notes