Thick eyebrows: more fashionable than ever

Thick eyebrows are more fashionable than ever. We tell you if they are for you and we teach you how to repopulate and thicken them.

After many years with increasingly thin eyebrows, almost a line, they arrive again and stronger than ever thick eyebrows. Be eyebrow is in fashion! But beware, thick eyebrows, no matter how fashionable they are, are not for everyone. Choose thick eyebrows if…

  • Your style is natural and carefree
  • You have a powerful jaw and want to balance your expression
  • You want to add drama to your look
  • You want to look like Jennifer Connelly, Brooke Shields or model Cara Delevingne

The problem is that many of us have plucked them so much that the same number of hairs simply no longer grows, leaving large gaps in our eyebrows, which we must learn to do makeup. We share below a tutorial that, in addition to giving you tips to repopulate the eyebrows, it gives you the step by step of how to make up them so they look thicker than ever.

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There are many examples of celebrities who decided to thicken or repopulate their eyebrows, because, like you, they were too skinny for today’s fashion. Look at their photos and tell us if they achieved their goal…