They viralize videos of Karol G turned on and singing songs of spite

In networks it videos of Karol G “turned on” and singing songs of spite go viral while enjoying a short vacation in Mexico. Could it be that he is still bad for Anuel AA?

After the incredible success he has achieved in recent months with songs like ‘Bichota’, ‘Ay Dios mío’ and ‘El Makinon’, in addition to the recognition of ‘Best Latin Female Artist’ in the Billboard Music Awards 2021the singer from Antioquia decided to take a little break nothing more and nothing less than in the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico during this weekend in the company of several friends.

From there, aboard a luxurious yacht and surrounded by the sun and the sea, the reggaeton artist completely captivated her fans with some sensual photographs that he shared on his official Instagram accountwearing a provocative animal print bikini.

Videos of Karol G «on» and singing songs of spite go viral on networks, why Anuel?

Of course, with the fiery images, he managed to steal the sighs and praises of his more than 40 million followers, however, this was not what attracted the most attention. Well, through stories, where she was very happy, she not only let us see the pleasant moments that he lived with his guests, but also He showed how with the passing of the hours and the tequilas, the sorrows of love came to the fore.

In the short clips he appeared singing at the top of his lungs some of his most recent songs, such as ‘200 copas’ and ‘El barco’, where he even confessed that he drank a shot that he had previously thrown away. Also He sang the iconic song ‘Sálvame’ by the RBD group with a wounded cry and with his eyes closed.

But that was not all! Moments later and with the sunset in front of her, she shared a short video in which, Visibly flustered and with deep feeling, she performed the romantic vallenato ‘Sirena Encantada’ by Miguel Morales.

His drunkenness went viral

This last specific recording went viral on social networks, since according to many, a human being could be seen there unburdening his sorrows like any other. Such was the boom of the video, that even Hundreds of Internet users created various funny memes that became a trend on platforms such as Twitter.

But she was not far behind, because the day after the wild party, The singer made fun of herself before the images of her drunkenness comparing herself to a barbie with disheveled hair and smeared makeupapparently “enguayabada”.

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