They tattooed 3 eyebrows on their mother and they don’t want to answer

A woman reported that tattooed 3 eyebrows to his mother and that those responsible do not want to return the money for the service. Noted tattoo artists say it’s the client’s fault.

The eyebrows are a very important part of the face, because they frame the look and balance all your features; That is why many women feel the need to always have them perfectly groomed, but sometimes they simply do not exist and we must resort to makeup or tattoos. The problem is that sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expected.

This is how a woman looked after 3 eyebrows were tattooed

According to several local media outlets in Juárez, Mexico, a woman made a complaint through Facebook in which she reported that his mother had badly tattooed her eyebrows and that on top of that those who offered the service did not want to be responsible for the damage caused.

“Look how they left my mom. Trout with these pigs (…) if they don’t know how to do their job, why do they do it? They claim to be professionals and look at what they did and they still tell her that it was her fault and that they won’t return her money.»

Said the user through messenger groups and shared the following image

According to the user, the response of the tattoo artists left her much to be desired, and she was not satisfied with the «apology» they gave her, since they justified themselves by saying that the woman should presumably know in advance if she was suitable or not for the procedure, look…

“Just think and use logic, if my skin is damaged, do I get a tattoo?”

And it is not a game to have badly tattooed or unsightly eyebrows, because there is no way to correct them with makeup or hide them; The protagonists of the disastrous eyebrows know this well, a note that we shared with you some time ago. There is no right!

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