They say that men only think about that, what will it be?

That they only think about sex and soccer, is the popular belief, however, in these times it is common for women to do it too, but, Is it true that men only think about that?

It is no secret to anyone to say that those who think more about sex are men, they even say that they would not miss the opportunity to go to bed with the woman who literally gives them «papaya”.

Could it be that men only think about that, more than women?

Although women today are more open to talk about these issues, whether they decide who they go to bed with or not, they also make an effort to surprise their partner in the struggles of love.

This was the reason why The Journal of Sex Research did a study on the number of times men and women think about having sex.

For this, he chose a group of young men and women interested in this topic, in which he also questioned them about the number of times they think about common topics such as sleep, eat, ex-partner and obviously the sex.

The results highlighted that approximately 19 times a day the woman thinks about sex, while the man would do it 32 times. In time it would be, them every 50 minutes and them every 28 minutesyes

In the same way, men think more than women about food and also about sleeping, in which if they came out on top in the survey it refers to the exes, they would think of them 59% against 48% according to the study.

What do you think about regularly during the day, in sex, eating, sleeping or the ex-partner, give your opinion here.

Taken from Couple