They made Carlos Hurtado cry again in Masterchef

master chef does not stop giving us surprises, it is one of the programs that has generated the most controversy lately on Colombian television and this happens with good reasonas the participants do not stop giving what to talk about.

In the last chapters of Masterchef Carlos Hurtado made quite a show, after the competition of the mystery box was explained, which provides benefits for other tests, where they had to prepare some wings with different spices, this happened, at the end of the test they all came out clean, they were Catalina Gómez, the ex-host of RCN Style , the actress Estefanía Borge and the influencer Susano José and the winner of the mystery box Piter Albeiro. The actor was the only one who did not benefit from the test, which caused him a lot of sadness, anger and this led him to generate a bit of controversy in the program due to the result. Hurtado stressed that it is the first time that he has carried out a challenge in the estimated time and that in addition to that it is rich, that what was happening was not fair.

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Information from: Protagonist.