They look like sisters… But they are mother and daughter!

These celebrities are so much like their daughters and look so young that they look like sisters, not mother and daughter.

We know that in general a daughter looks like her mother, it is something completely natural, however surprised when the parent looks so young that she looks like a sister to her offspring. That is the case of the celebrities that we present to you below, all of them beauties!

Famous that you will NOT believe that they are are mother and daughter

Lorna Cepeda stole the show from her daughter, Daniela Paz Cepeda, on her wedding day…

Reese witherspoon and her daughter Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Natalia Paris and Mariana Correa, daughter of the paisa model

Kris Jenner, matron of the Kardashian clan, does not seem like a mother but a sister to her older daughters, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé

Susan Sarandon does not seem like the mother of Eva Amurri, who followed in her footsteps in acting

If you meet Paola Turbay and her daughter Sofía Estrada on the street, you say they are sisters!

Uma Thurman has a teenage daughter, judge if they look like sisters or mother and daughter

Paula Andrea Betancur and Salomé Villegas, surprising!

Cindy Crawford looks close in age to her daughter Kaia Gerber

Isabella Santodomingo and Daniela Ossa, two drops of water!

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