They create a movement so that Elsa from Frozen is NOT a lesbian

With the news of the upcoming release of the movie Frozen 2, organizations have spoken out and asked Disney that the character of Elsa not be a lesbian, how? is an organization that promotes the defense of causes that it considers just. Causes that are usually cut by the same conservative and Catholic pattern: against abortion, against homosexuality, in favor of private and concerted education, etc. Now, has attacked Disney Asking Elsa, the protagonist of the next premiere of the production company, Frozen 2, is not a lesbian, as it is considered in a possibility that is still more of a hypothesis than a reality. They carry, at the time of writing these lines, 28,000 signatures in favor. 239,000 According to The Organization™, if they count international firms in campaigns from other countries.

The main arguments for requesting that elsa not be a lesbian are based on the intention of “stop the attempt to indoctrinate children using children’s movies” promoted, according to the organization, by “homosexual lobbies”.

Not even in Spain has enough progress been made: It is necessary to continue normalizing homosexuality. Well, has not taken something into account: the only possible indoctrination is to strive not to normalize a social reality and try to promote a single family model, that of a father and a mother with offspring.

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Fortunately, this family model is not the only one, it never has been, and we are seeing more and more social advances so that homosexual or bisexual people can be as integrated into society and bureaucracy as heterosexuals. Mexico is approving its Equal Marriage Law. Spain did the same eleven years ago. In Argentina, six years ago. It is a beginning, but it is only the beginning.

There is still a long way to go, and the cinema has a wonderful educational and normalization function. Disney can play a fantastic role in conveying to children and society in general how natural it is for a couple to be made up of two women or two men, as much as if it were made up of a man and a woman. Just as it has evolved to stop showing black people or women as inferior beings compared to white men. The traditional family model already has everything won.

Because even in Spain, the country with the highest rate of acceptance of homosexuality in the world, much remains to be done. There are still cases of aggression on public roads against homosexuals for the mere fact of being homosexual (such as this, this or this other, to give three examples). Even, we insist, in the country with the greatest gay acceptance in the world according to PewResearch.

Meanwhile, another campaign to make Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2 continues to make headway on Twitter with the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlFriend. Please, Disney, help normalize homosexuality through your influence and movies. Reflect social reality in your stories. Make Elsa have a girlfriend. History will thank you.

Taken from Hypertextual