They ask about the age of Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez takes out his claws

Although the difference of age of Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez It has never been a problem for them, the actor was asked and he gave a forceful answer that closed the mouths of more than one.

How long have Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez been?

This pair of celebrities have been together since 2006. They fell in love during the filming of the soap opera Prohibited games and in January 2021 they celebrated 15 years of relationship. Today they are consolidated as one of the most stable couples of the Creole show business.

When did Sebastian Martinez get married?

Sebastián Martínez married on December 8, 2008 with Kathy Sáenz. The actor has made it clear on his social networks that this was one of the happiest days of his life.

Who was the first husband of Katy Sáenz?

Kathy was married to Sammy Bessudo, with whom she had two children: Shenoa Bessudo Sáenz and Alana Bessudo Sáenz.

How old is Sebastian Martinez?

He was born on January 7, 1983 in Medellín, Antioquia and at the time of publication of this note (July 2021) he is 38 years old.

Reference to age Age of Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez took the stone out of the actor

The former beauty queen was born a decade before the actor (January 11, 1972 and is 49 years old in July 2021), however, the years of difference have not been an impediment for their relationship to become one of the most solid figures of the national show business and, on the contrary, they opened the way to normalize couples in which the woman is older.

That is why the paisa «got out of the chiros» when they asked him a question about the age of his wife when activating the function of Ask me something on his official Instagram account.

“Yes, from time to time, especially to her, they do it to me sometimes, but especially to her. But that comes more from the people who are surely dying to be with someone younger and they can’t, so they have to criticize.»

Said the actor in a clip in which he answered the question «do they still make comments to you because Kathy is older?»

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