They are the celebrities who were measured to MasterChef Celebrity

The reality show Masterchef Celebrity will arrive again on Canal RCN and this season promises surprises that include great talents.

Last season, MasterChef Celebrity won several awards because it was one of the programs that most attracted the attention of viewers. However, this time it will not be 18 but 22 Colombian celebrities who will participate to win the jackpot.

For that reason, the names of the comedians, singers, actors, athletes and influencers who will participate in the contest were released. Among them are Isabella Santo Domingo, Aura Cristina Geithner, Pedro Palacio, Sara Corrales, El Mindo, among others. Here we present them:

Isabella Santo Domingo (actress)

Hassan (comedian)

Sarah Corrales (actress)

Peter Palace (actor)

Aura Cristina Geithner (actress)

Oscar Córdoba (former Colombia National Team goalkeeper)

Adriana Lucia (singer)

Diego Trujillo (actor)

Consuelo Luzardo (actress)

Czech Acosta (singer)

Andrea Tovar (former Miss Colombia)

John Alex Castano (singer)

Kika Nieto (youtuber)

The Mindo (instagramer)

Maru Yamayusa (actress)

Fausto Murillo (youtuber)

Isabella Atehortúa (former Miss Antioquia)

Juanda Caribe (comedian)

Mariana Gomez (actress)

Sebastian Carvajal (actor)

Mariana Mesa (former tennis player)

Sebastian Silva (youtuber)

On the other hand, the program will continue to have the presence of Claudia Bahamón, as presenter, and Nicolás de Zubiría, Jorge Raush and the Chilean chef Chris Carpentier as jurors.

But there was a change that viewers did not like very much, and it was the change in the schedule and days of transmission. That is, before MasterChef Celebrity was weekdays at 10pm and in this new season it will be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm.

Who do you think will be the most controversial participant in this new season of MasterChef Celebrity?

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