They are saying that Alberto Linero would have married in secret

Rumors have increased that Alberto Linero would have secretly married with his girlfriend. He neither affirms nor denies the gossip.

Former father Linero became one of the most famous parish priests in the country at the time and even led his own television spots. Remembered for his very early appearances on the show Day to day from Caracol Television, Alberto encouraged Colombians to start the day in the best way, sharing their religious knowledge.

Of course, Alberto is still linked in some way to the Creole show business as he is a panelist on several radio programs. From there he has shown his positions away from the gospel as when he stated that he did not want a tax reform and defended the priest who criticized it. Now, he returns to the public scene but after rumors that he secretly married.

They are saying that Alberto Linero would have secretly married his partner

The sentimental life of the former parish priest born in Santa Marta has been on the lips of many, as he tried to keep the identity of the woman with whom he had a love affair a secret for a while. After leaving celibacy in 2018, it was learned that his partner is María Alcira Matallana, a businesswoman and manager. Of course, they have decided to keep their relationship away from public events and social networks.

Everything seems to indicate that even a wedding could have already happened. In an interview for the Al pelo con Norbert section of Happy SaturdaysLinero left the door open so that those who believe that he secretly married have even more certainty. When questioned by humorist Pedro González (Don Jediondo) about, marriage for when?the also speaker and writer released a pearl that left many in suspense:

“Suddenly the marriage was over, you don’t know. Suddenly that’s the news, it’s already been «

After this brief but spicy response, rumors have increased that Alberto Linero and María Alcira Matallana could have sealed their love. Although there is no confirmation from them or their relatives, they continue to establish themselves as one of the most stable couples in national entertainment.

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