They are saying on networks that Carolina Cruz already had her baby

Carolina Cruz would have already had her baby Secretly, they say this on social networks due to a rumor that has more than one thinking.

The presenter of Day to day He had already given the news on social networks that in a few days he would withdraw from the program for a while to dedicate himself to his baby. However, several were surprised when a rumor leaked that Carolina Cruz’s second child had already been born and she had not said anything.

Carolina Cruz’s baby was born?

In social networks, the presenter’s fans witnessed how she was getting ready for her delivery. In fact, she herself showed the suitcase that she was going to take to the clinic when the time was right, since her pregnancy was already coming to an end.

In addition, Carolina Cruz took the opportunity to tell her followers that her baby was quite large and that she had to take many precautions because she had presented some complications in her cervix. However, she assured that none of this had to do with her age and that it could happen to any woman.

Until that moment, that was the only thing that was known about the caleña’s pregnancy, but a person assured in networks that from the clinic where the presenter is, they had told him that Salvador had already been born and that it had been by cesarean section.

Although Carolina and Lincoln have not confirmed or denied the news, the truth is that their followers are waiting to let them meet the little baby.

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