They are mother and son, they want to get married and have children… What?

If we believed that the world could not be turned upside down anymore, this story will make you believe otherwise, the paradox is that it is a love story that for society could be a «mortal» sin.

A controversial story is circulating on the web, it can be a bit “inappropriate” and “disgusting”since it is about a mother who stopped seeing her son for several years, but when they met again, they fell in love and now they want to get married.

kim westfrom USAgot engaged to his son Ben Ford, after being in a romance for 2 years. And it is that the unusual story published in its pages by the newspaper ‘The Sun’ tells that the 51-year-old woman gave her son up for adoption a long time ago, because she was forced to do so.

However, when Ben grew up, he did not want to meet his biological mother, so he wrote her a letter and that was when they saw each other, they quickly fell in love and began dating.

But Kim doesn’t care how bad people think of her and her relationship with her offspring, since she assures that It is NOT incest! That’s right, the lady has given somewhat unusual statements, and details that: «This is not incest, we are like drops of water that are destined to be together».

She also explained that before taking the next step, she had erotic dreams with him, while her son ended the commitment he had with his girlfriend, because he could not get his mother out of his head, he thought of her all the time.

And although they are not yet married, they have already had relationships, and Kim confessed that the “sex is fabulous”. Some will label them «sick» or «crazy»but the truth is that they are willing to fight to the end, as long as they are happy, even have babies.

To date they live in Michigan, United Stateswith other people who have the same case, since it is a sexual attraction between relatives who stopped seeing each other and when they meet again as adults, they love each other, and they are commonly known as couples ‘GSA’, Genetic Sexual Attraction.

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Taken from TVNotes