These were the most luxurious Colombian marriages of 2019!

This year several celebrities dared to say «YES», the curious thing is that their marriages did not go unnoticed due to the great luxuries and details.

For many, marriage is a very important step in life, but without a doubt these celebrities made their commitments an event in style. Luxuries, details, special guests, parties that lasted more than one day and different themes made these Colombian weddings the most striking of 2019.

Carolina Guerra and David Rauben

The actress said «yes» to billionaire David Rauben, their marriage was one of the most notorious during 2019 for being quite striking. Carolina took the opportunity to throw parties around the world in countries like France, the United States and England, all with different themes and with luxury guests like Paris Hilton.

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo

After having one of the longest courtships in the entertainment world, the couple of actors became engaged for life. The marriage took place in the city of Cartagena and had the luxuries that any woman would have dreamed of, starting with the organizer who is one of the most requested women for this type of event. In addition, they even had a «desenguayabe» party where they took the opportunity to share with their guests.

Melissa Martinez and Matias Mier

Melissa and Matías’ party lasted four days in the city of Santa Marta with different themes. The guests were several celebrities from the world of Colombian entertainment and athletes from various countries, but what left more than one with their mouths open was undoubtedly the bride’s dress.

Mabel Cartagena and Sebastian Decoud

The coastal presenter married after several years of relationship with the Argentine tennis player Sebastián Decoud. Her marriage drew attention to the care of each of the details and because it was one of the events that brought together the most celebrities.

Andrea Jaramillo and Felipe Restrepo

The RCN presenter wanted her marriage to be a carnival, so the party was the order of the day with important musical artists. In addition, it was attended by several presenters such as Laura Acuña, Siad Char, Claudia Gurisatti, among other characters from the world of entertainment and the famous «desenguayabe» party.

How about the most luxurious Colombian marriages of 2019?

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