These Breakfast presenters are leaving RCN

Canal RCN continues to make changes for the following year, That’s why they decided to remove two presenters who were part of the program The Breakfast.

In The Breakfast morning program of the RCN Channel, the directors decided to continue with the changes. First of all, they changed their schedule and now in 2019 they will no longer have two of their presenters because apparently they did not meet the objectives.

This is Sebastián Parra who was in charge of the sports issues of the program, although he made an effort to give his section a personal stamp, it was not enough. Also, The presenter is also part of Win Sports, so he received two salaries and that is what the new directives want to avoid.

On the other hand, the other character left out in 2019 is Camilo Angulo, who was in charge of managing social networks but did not meet expectations. For that reason, the person in charge of giving them the news was the director of the program, Ivan Lalinde, so that in the new year they are already aware of what is going to happen.

It will be that again RCN is going through a bad time. Comment and share this news. We only have the question of who the new presenters will be.