These are the words most used by millennials

Millennials are a generation that has its own language, marked by social networks. These are the 10 words they use the most, did you know them?

The millennial generation is made up of young people born after 1980 who reached their adult stage after the year 2000. Do you classify in this category?


They use this expression to indicate that they mutually like a person, that is, they did match.


Surely you have. It’s when you get into the social networks of another person, known or unknown, and find out about her whole life.


This word refers to something or someone random, at random, the typical expression that can be used in almost any situation for anything, for example, «a person random He started talking to me.» It is equivalent to our ‘X’.


They are the typical bitter ones who are bad if yes and bad if not, only that they inhabit social networks, where they act as professional «haters». They never like anything; not quite the opposite of what they hate.


He is cousin of hater, because he is dedicated to grumbling through the networks about something he does not like, but he does it with humor or irony. Sometimes they are very funny, sometimes very offensive.


They are those people who have many thousands of followers on social networks, but beware, the originals are those who were born on the networks and not those who were already famous.


They are the followers in the networks. Today they are the capital that the influencers.


It is literally something commercial, but millennials use it as the opposite of “cult” (those entertainment products that were not successful at the time but years later were considered works of art). It mainstream It is what is successful at the time.


It is when you meet someone and you love that person at first sight, similar to a crush.


It is the same as pimping, that is, serving as a matchmaker to lovingly bring two people together, but it is only practiced on social networks.

Do you use these words? So you are millennials!

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