These are the most viral audios of 2016

2016 is coming to an end and we have to recount the things that happened during it, and this is the time to talk about the audios that went viral on WhatsApp.

We found confessions, claims, suggestions, challenges, tongue twisters and invitations, we clarify that some of them were shared by our users yourselves.

Listen to them and if you want to have them, here you can download them to your PC or your Smartphone.

Party at the group manager’s house

What do you think of poetry?

To tell you that on Saturday I am going to make a barbecue

Receive this Chinese proverb

I’m going to steal a few seconds

Eye to the data, what is between August and November

Do not leave your houses tonight

Don’t let your cell phone be checked

Locate yourself with these signs

poem for a wife

Toño’s girlfriend, don’t be jealous of me

If the group does not speak, I put a bomb on them

The car is osbtaculi me, what?

a message of encouragement

What’s the name of the song that says…

I’m afraid of elecutruque, what?

Hello mom, I’m waiting for you…