These are the discount caps on the Day without VAT 2021

Although these commercial dates cause great expectation in the public, there are discount caps on the Day without VAT 2021 and it is information that you should take into account.

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has not only affected the mobility of millions of people in the world, their physical and mental state, but also the global economy, which is much more evident in developing countries, such as the our.

That is why the idea of ​​holding days without VAT last year was an excellent way to encourage trade and it is an initiative that this year repeats, however, you must be clear that in 2021 the conditions changed and there will be some products for which the discount will have a limit.

When are the days without VAT in Colombia 2021?

Thursday October 28, Friday November 19 and Friday December 3.

What are the discount limits on the Day without VAT 2021?

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia informed which are the articles that apply for this day and also regulated the maximum price cap. If they are more expensive, VAT will be applied.

  • Clothing and complementary clothing items such as bags, briefcases, handbags, glasses: maximum amount of 726,160 pesos.
  • Appliances and technology items: $2,904,640.
  • Sporting goods such as balls, swimsuits, bicycles and shoes for any sport will be capped at $2,904,640.
  • Toys, educational games, toy musical instruments and skateboards: $363,080.

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