There are 5 types of women, which one are you? VibraTest

Of these types of women (analytical, shy, impulsive, autonomous or observant), do you know which one you are? Find out with this VibraTest.

Although each person is a completely different universe and it could be said that there are as many types of girls as there are women in the world, the truth is that they can group us in five.

Which of the 5 types of women are you?

Just as from tastes and reactions it is possible to determine the way of being of a person, in the same way we can define what a girl is like.

The five female personalities are:

  • Analytics
  • Shy
  • impulsive
  • autonomous
  • observer

Answer the following questions with total sincerity and find out which one you fit in…

After knowing the result, Do you feel identified or do you think that the one that came out does not really represent you? That happens because sometimes we are on the border between two.

Regardless of which of the five categories you fall into, keep in mind that she is simply the most dominantbecause the truth is that we can belong to up to three.

It is because of that sometimes we have reactions that surprise us and the others, because sometimes one personality dominates and other times, another.

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