The worst embarrassments in love

«Swallow me teeeeeerra!» It’s what you want to say when the next worst love embarrassments happen to you…

1. You make yourself modern and you want to invite him: At this moment the image is everything. The spectacular dinner, the most romantic moment. But when passing the card through the dataphone, the fatal phrase appears «insufficient funds».

two. Romantic dinner with declaration of love, gaze into the eyes and a piece of spinach between the teeth.

3. It’s time for the first kiss, but you bad breath it makes your lips evoke smells of garlic, onion or simply concentrated halitosis.

Four. You invite your boyfriend to the house for the first time, but nobody told him your dad, who appears in the living room in his underpantsscratching its tail and belching.

5. The embarrassing baby photos naked in four on the bed or playing no. 2 on the potty, which your mom loves to show off to your boyfriend.

6. Being invited to your boyfriend’s house for the first time, borrowing the bathroom to play no. 2, and what the cup does not drop.

7. You notice that your partner does not look you in the eye and behaves strangely. You go to the bathroom and when you look in the mirror, you see a green mucus hanging from your nose.

8. It’s time for the first intimate encounter and you realize that your stockings, in addition to being torn, smell like cheese fermented.

9. Your underwear, in addition to being torn too, Has stains from use and you couldn’t take it off.

10. And to add insult to injury, you throw a noisy gas in full intimate moment and total silence… And then comes the stinky smell.

Has anything this embarrassing ever happened to you?